Please contact the workshop organizers, indicated on the programme, directly for more information and registration procedures.

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Please take note that the programme is subject to change.

6-7 May 2022: Ego State Therapy Introduction, Turkey: Erdem Akgün at erdem.akgn@gmail.com

14-15 May 2022: Trauma-Therapeutische Yoga Seminar 1, Köln, Germanyhttps://www.kita-traumatherapie.de

16-17 May 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 6, Hamburg, Germany:www.hit-traumatherapie-hamburg.de

19-21 May 2022: Ego State Therapy Seminar 3, Rennes, France:enora@hypnoses.com

23-24 May 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 5, Rottweil, Germany:www.meg-rottweil.de

26-28 May 2022: Emergences Congress, St Malo, France:enora@hypnoses.com

14-15 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 4, Wiesbaden: www.wietra-international.com 

10 June 2022: ISH Online Congress: Woltemade Hartman and Carl Hattingh: Resource Activation in Difficult Times: Combining Clinical Hypnosis, Yoga, Breath Work and Somatic Experiencing Techniques: A Workshop with Live Demonstrations: https://ishhypnosis.silkstart.com/events/ish-virtual-event-june

15-17 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 1, Köln, Germanyhttps://www.kita-traumatherapie.de

18-19 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 2, Köln, Germanyhttps://www.kita-traumatherapie.de

20-21 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Spezialseminar: Wenn die Welt weint: Trauer- und Verlustverarbeitung in kollektiven Krisen ,München, Germany: www.item-uh.de

22 June 2022: Polyvagal Online Kongress, Rottweil, Germanyhttps://polyvagal-kongress.de/de/  

23-25 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 1 ,München, Germany: www.item-uh.de

26-27 June 2022: Ego-State-Therapie Seminar 2 ,München, Germany: www.item-uh.de

29 June-6 July 2022:Ego-State-Therapie Intensivwoche, Süditrol: www.item-uh.de